Blindzonelyzonsí creative juices.


Welcome to my little place on the web, here youíll find some of the stories Iíve written that were in some ways inspired by the show ĎXena warrior princessí. Some others though were writing exercises submitted by an online writing group called: The Bardic Circle. Which consist of some of the nicest people Iíve met, among them are some great fan fiction writers this show has brought forth. But Iíll let you find that out for your self of course, only giving links to their works of joy.



So what will you find here:




Meeting Blindzonelyzon


Hi, my name is Laura, and I love to go for short walks on long beaches, love moonlit rainy nights, and really enjoy getting snookered, or is that snockered, [ah, STONKERED, I think is the word you are looking for, Laura] with a large bottle of rum and some diet Coke.


Ah yes, I remember a time so very long ago (January 2000) exploring varied and sundry sites in search of great fanfic. Instead I settled for a particular bard with a fetish for Nipples, and what can I say, I was hooked. Not literally, figuratively, what kind of girl do you think I am? I soon realized after corresponding with this nameless person, that hell, I could write as good as she does and gave it a shot. The rest, as they say, is history. I now have a devout following of one and I realize I have found my true calling, to harass others with my feedback of their work. I just write enough to stay on list so I can harangue the rest of you all. That doesnít mean I wonít really, really like receiving some feedback on the stories Iíve written. And no I am not begging here, Grin. So drop me a line after reading just one or if you are in a crazy mood all of them.


I can be contacted at: or my answering service will be there for you to leave a message. Ok going retreat back into my solitude only to come out again for some harassing of fellow bards.



Fan Fiction


Well I told you about this in the beginning, my mind takes me on fun trips every once in a while and what do I do with it, I write about what it showed me. So here without further ado <about nothing> is my list of at times morose and at other times hysterically funny tales.



Writing exercises:


A Soul Decision


Breathe [alt? / funny warning]


Guess what


My Evil Twin.




Drops on a glass <NEW>


Fantasy day of mine <NEW>





Conclusions [alt] [Łber]


Greecian Formula [alt]


Iíve Got Sex On My Mind, And Since I'm No Good At Writing About It, This Is The Best I Can Do.... [alt]


Passive Agressive [alt]


Seeking Her In Peace [gen]


Why? [alt]


X Partners [alt?]


Hero worship


Hero Worship, gone too far


Going Home < Honourable mention received in August-October O.S.C.A.R. contest for this story> <NEW>





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